Turf Installation Company in Poole, Serving Dorset

Laying Turf is one of the greatest way to make your garden look brand new and give it the transformation it may need! The Turf we use is called "Row Lawn Turf", this is one of the highest quality turfs used in the industry and is also a brand new grass surface that has already been pre- grown! This can then be cut and shaped to fit any sized garden. All Soils are BS Standard

The main benefit with laying the turf is it is a quick and efficient way, and of course better than trying to sow grass seed, as this can lead to a nasty patchy effect.

Land drainage

An interceptor land drain’s general intensions, is to protect the garden/turf from waterlogging and divert it away from the area. The turf area or natural ground is heavy clay, and when flooded can take a week or even longer for the flooding to naturally dispose of itself, leaving the garden in a horrible condition. It is very important to have land drainage near any field or garden to prevent the area being unmanageable.